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Comedian And TV President Volodymyr Zelenskiy Wins Ukraine Presidential Election With No Real-Life Political Experience

Ukranian comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy isn’t a politician — but he plays the president on TV. As luck would have it, life is on its way to imitating art as Zelenskiy today came out victorious in the second round of Ukraine’s presidential election after candidate Petro Poroshenko conceded defeat.

According to news reports, exit polls suggest a landslide victory for Zelenskiy who won the presidential runoff with 73.2% of the vote against Poroshenko’s 25.3%. The official results are expected to come Sunday night.

Zelenskiy is known for his role on the Ukrainian TV series Servant of the People. The show follows a teacher who unexpectedly becomes Ukrainian president after an angry rant about corruption is posted online by his students. Apparently, this is paralleling his character on Servant of the People because, like his character on the Ukranian show, he has promised to clean up politics in the country. Even so,

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