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‘Madam Secretary’ Season 5 Finale: Executive Producers Talk Political Future Of Elizabeth McCord, Season 6 Plans And Real-Life Parallels Of CBS Drama

Spoiler Alert: This article contains details about the season 5 finale of Madam Secretary.

Based on the events leading up to the season finale of CBS’ Madam Secretary, it seems like this episode would be, for the most part, smooth sailing for Tea Leoni’s Elizabeth McCord. It seems like the climate migration treaty is good to go and she is all set to make her announcement to run for President. All is good in the world, right? Not so fast. It wouldn’t be an episode of Madam Secretary without some peril to shake things up.

The episode titled “Better Angels” directed by John Murray and written by Matt Ward starts off with Peter Harriman (Skipp Sudduth) getting ready for the day as he puts his lucky vintage Rfk presidential pin on his lapel. Cut to him walking in the street and — uh oh! — he drops his lucky pin through the sewer grate,

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