Elle Fanning talks about her dream

Hollywood actress Elle Fanning, known for films like Teen Spirit, Maleficent and We Bought A Zoo, dreams of becoming a pop star. "It's definitely crossed my mind. That's not out of the question and I feel like I did get a taste of maybe what pop stars go through with the performance element because also there would be days where I would have to just sing like the song 30 times," Fanning told website Consequence of Sound.

She added: "That element of it I was like, 'Whew'. That's an element people don't think of when they think of pop stars. The strength of having to go on tour ... that would be a lot but I don't know, maybe an album or something of songs would be cool. Country songs to surprise everybody!"

Fanning also said she has been a huge music fan since her youth, reports

She said:

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