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Teruo Ishii’s Yakuza Law Available on Blu-ray May 14th From Arrow Video

Teruo Ishii’s action classic Yakuza Law (1969) will be available on Blu-ray May 14th From Arrow Video

Director Teruo Ishii, the Godfather of J-sploitation, presents Yakuza Law (Aka Yakuza s Law: Lynching) a gruelling anthology of torture, spanning three district periods of Japanese history and bringing to the screen some of the most brutal methods of torment ever devised.

In this deep dive into the world of the Yakuza, meet the violent men who rule the Japanese underworld and the cruel punishments inflicted on those who transgress them. The carnage begins in the Edo Period with a violent tale of samurai vengeance starring Bunta Sugawara (Battles Without Honor and Humanity), before shifting to the Meiji Period as the exiled Ogata returns to face punishment for his past transgressions… and, ultimately, to take his revenge. Finally, the action is brought right up to date with a tale of gang warfare set

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