80 Percent of WGA Writers Have Fired Their Agents, Far Exceeding Expectations

No one was expecting these numbers. Today the WGA announced it had delivered its first batch of over 7,000 termination letters from its members to agencies. The guild estimated that of its 13,000 active members, WGA’s records showed 8,800 of its current members had an agent as of 10 days ago. That means approximately 80 percent of WGA members with an agent, fired that agent.

Three weeks ago when it came to implementing a new Agency Code of Conduct, which would require agencies to abandon packaging if they wanted to represent writers, WGA members showed tremendous solidarity. Writers authorized the WGA Board to implement a new Code by an overwhelming majority: 7,882 voted yes, with 392 voting no.

Considering that all of the big agencies, represented by the Association of Talent Agents (Ata), had made it abundantly clear that they would never agree to the new Code, its implementation on April 13 effectively stripped the “Big 4” of

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