25 Superpowers Marvel Superheroes Have But Won't Use

Iron Man might have been the first ever Marvel movie for the McU, but the Merry Marvel Marching Society have been traipsing around the cinemas since 1944’s Captain America serial film. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it – you weren’t missing much, even for its time. Nearly 44 years later, Howard The Duck was released. But it wouldn’t be until 1998’s Blade that the studios began to realize that The House Of Ideas could be cultivated into viable never-ending franchise of films.

Over the next ten years, we’d meet the X-Men, Spidey, Ghost Rider, The Fantastic Four, and several others; all to varying degrees of success. Disney’s McU would completely shatter the mold in 2008 and the expectations for a superhero movie – not just from Marvel – were forever raised.

Adapting all of these characters could be a daunting task – condensing anywhere from thirty to fifty years

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