Iron Sky: The Coming Race review – woeful return of the lunar refugees

In this baffling sci-fi fantasy sequel, a rag-tag crew of adventurers encounter dinosaurs and reptilian Nazis at the centre of the Earth

Never has the concept of “one for the diehard fans” been so applicable as it is to Timo Vuorensola’s scattershot, stakes-free, self-consciously wacky space comedy. Its existence is baffling until you realise that this sequel to a 2012 sci-fi yarn about Nazis on the moon was entirely crowdfunded.

The Coming Race kicks off in 2047. Earth has been destroyed by nuclear war and the thousand or so human survivors have relocated to a former Nazi base on the moon. They are led nominally by the ailing, regal Renate (Julia Dietze) but her daughter, plucky narrator-heroine Obi (Lara Rossi), is the one who’s really in charge. (Her Star Wars nod of a name is one of many gratuitous hat-tips to better and more successful cultural properties.)

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