Study Finds Surprising Connections Between TV Preference And Political Beliefs

Many might think there is an obvious correlation between political leanings and TV preferences but in a new report backed by the Pop Culture Collaborative, the findings were both expected and unexpected. So much that it will make you raise your eyebrows and make you nod and say “Interesting!” whilst stroking your chin.

The Norman Lear Center at USC Annenberg and the futurePerfect Lab released a report today titled Are You What You Watch: Tracking the Political Divide Through TV Preferences which examines the links between our political beliefs, TV viewing habits, and behavior. This report comes a little over a month after the Pop Culture Collaborative backed a study about diversity in TV writers’ rooms. Are You What You Watch builds on top of a similar study which was released a decade ago and it turns out our political ideals and preferences in entertainment have shifted. The report also

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