40 Movies To See At The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival

The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival has officially gotten underway. Coming to the cinematic world between the meat market of the Sundance Film Festival every January and the prestige of the Cannes Film Festival every May, the fest is hitting at arguably the perfect time. Each and every April for the last 16 years, Tribeca has showcased a wife variety of (mostly) independent movies, some of which can struggle to see the light of day, while others fare better and break through. Still, there’s always a gem or two in the lineup, along with even the occasional Academy Award nominee. That should still be the case in 2019, so now is a solid time to take a look at some of what Tribeca has to offer for this year. Last year, two of the best movies ever to play the festival hit in All About Nina and Disobedience. They were joined by the

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