Film Review: The Doll (2016) by Rocky Soraya

One of the most terrifying concepts in horror cinema, the concept of the creepy, inanimate doll that may or may not be alive serves as the basis for countless films in the genre. Ranging from the killer Zuni fetish dolls and Chucky to the dolls in ‘Puppet Master’ and more recently ‘Annabelle,’ Indonesia is no stranger to the concept as they produce their own variation under the guise of emerging genre director Rocky Soraya.

After returning home late one night, Daniel returns to his wife Anya with the news that they’re now able to move to a new city following his newfound promotion that allows them more money and a comfortable place to live. When she meets neighbor Niken across the street, Anya is immediately exposed to her supernatural beliefs and values which helps to explain some of the supernatural activity that occurs around the house. As the incidents

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