Daniel Henshall finds truth amid lies in ‘Acute Misfortune’

Daniel Henshall and Toby Wallace in ‘Acute Misfortune’

Daniel Henshall plays one of the most challenging roles of his career as gun-toting, manipulative and alcohol and drug-fueled painter Adam Cullen in Acute Misfortune.

Yet when the director Thomas M. Wright sent the actor the source material – Erik Jensen’s book Acute Misfortune: The Life and Death of Adam Cullen – four years ago, initially he had his doubts.

“I feared the film would sensationalise Adam and his poor behaviour,” Henshall tells If from New York, where he now lives with his wife. “He could be very charming but I did not particularly like the character.”

Wright, who co-wrote the screenplay with Jensen, quickly convinced him otherwise, explaining the film would look at issues such as acclaim and identity, toxic masculinity and how deeply troubled people can create great art.

Romper Stomper’s Toby Wallace plays Jensen, who was an ambitious 19-year-old

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