Desai: 'Hutatma' a bid to tell reality-based fiction

Filmmaker Jayprad Desai, making his digital debut with the web series 'Hutatma', which is based on the Samyukta Maharashtra movement, says he has attempted to tell a fiction derived from reality. The Samyukta Maharashtra movement, which started in 1956, led to carving out of the state of Maharashtra from the (then-bilingual) State of Bombay on 1 May 1960.? 'Hutatma', which releases on the Ott platform ZEE5 on May 1, is loosely based on Meena Deshpandey's book of the same name.?

Asked about his research for 'Hutatma' Desai said, "We have done extensive research and read most of the works, including real life accounts, that have been written about the movement."?

Remarking that fiction is an extension of reality, he said "Our attempt was to understand the reality of that time. Thus, we tried for a story that went beyond the clash of political ideologies."

The show features celebrated Marathi cinema actors like Anjali Patil,

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