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Wild Nights With Emily – Review

Molly Shannon as Emily Dickinson in Wild Nights With Emily. Courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment.

Molly Shannon is spot-on in the serio-comic Wild Nights With Emily, a completely different take on the personal life of poet Emily Dickinson, portraying her as a sharp-witted woman in a lifelong romantic relationship with her sister-in-law Susan, played by Susan Ziegler. This is not how we usually think of the reclusive poet.

Writer/director Madeleine Olnek drew on Dickinson’s own personal letters to craft a film portrait of Dickinson that is strongly feminist and Lgbtq but also just plain fun and unexpectedly entertaining. The key to that is Molly Shannon. Shannon runs with the idea with comic glee. She is a lot of fun to watch, upending Victorian conventions just out of view, in her signature style, with Susan Ziegler providing a good foil to her wilder moments. Olnek also adds an ironic, comic

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