Stalkers on screen: How has Malayalam cinema treated romantic pursuit?

MollywoodCan stalking someone be considered a legitimate way of wooing?Aradhya KurupShe enters the room, unaware that a man has sneaked under her bed. After drawing the curtains, she undresses, and the man gets a peek of her in the nude. Overwhelmed, he walks out in a daze as the landlady shouts after him. He reaches his apartment, still in a daze, and describes her at length to his equally curious friend. It’s a much celebrated cutesy, romantic scene from the Priyadarshan film, Vandanam, where Mohanlal plays that guy under the bed and looks adorable and endearing as well. Now picture this in real life. Imagine a guy hidden under your bed, watching you while you undress, following and pestering you at work, while you are travelling and at home? Imagine him blackmailing you for an intimate hug in office and even getting away with it? And imagine him

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