Gotham Season 5 Finale Review – ‘The Beginning…’

Martin Carr reviews Gotham’s season 5 finale…

With the recent release of a Pennyworth prequel trailer it seems apt that we bid farewell to Gotham. Like the bastard child of Christopher Nolan’s almost flawless reinvention, Gotham was greeted with derision from day one and yet has proven tenuously entertaining. Despite consistently low ratings it has avoided network culls much to the disapproval of DC diehards. Much of that has come from a staunchly stubborn approach where the showrunners never pretended to be anything other than their own animal. Gotham consistently rebelled against bad press, critical dissatisfaction and comic book folk law to leave its own legacy. For the most part it succeeded in bucking trends, confounding naysayers and creating a unique audience. Unfortunately what we have here is neither a whimpering final retreat nor whooping victory lap, but something somewhere between the two.

In these final forty minutes and

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