Rock Hall Class of 2019: The Zombies Reanimate British Rock

Tony Sokol Apr 27, 2019

Who would have thought the British Invasion would lead to a Zombie apocalypse? The Rock Hall of Fame did.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2019 includes a witch, a Goth band which celebrated disintegration, and a reanimated squad of necromantic romantics who stormed America as part of the British Invasion. The Zombies should have been the retro rock band of the zombie apocalypse. The off-kilter drum, bass and breath which heralded the oncoming melodic horde of chords of the song "Time of the Season" perfectly suited the march of the undead which altered the world in World War Z. What could be more frightening than being out on patrol with Carol, the most adept walker deterrent on The Walking Dead, running into a bunch of munchers and realize: she's not there? The band never truly embraced horror in a direct musical assault, but they

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