Recommendations for Avengers fans: South Indian films that have explored time travel

CinemaScience fiction is still a fledgling genre in south Indian cinema but these experimental films have explored the concept with differing results. Tnm Staff*To avoid spoilers, skip to second para if you haven't watched Endgame The world is swooning over the latest film from Marvel Studios, Avengers: Endgame. In this final installment, the superheroes come together to defeat Thanos and bring back all those he had killed using the Infinity stones in the previous film. And how do they do that? Time travel, of course. The film has become a major blockbuster across the globe and India is no exception. In fact, online ticket booking portal BookMyShow sold over 1 million tickets in just over a day for the film. But time travel, as they acknowledge in Avengers: Endgame, isn’t a new idea to find its way to cinema. There have been several Hollywood films on the concept and

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