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Dead By Dawn 2019: Cutterhead is Tense Survival Thriller [Review]

This claustrophobic thriller from Denmark is the first feature from director/co-writer Rasmus Kloster Bro. Old-fashioned ‘trapped-in-a-box’-style scares fuse with a streak of social commentary, but Cutterhead can be enjoyed simply as an effective thriller about a group of people trapped underground in terrifying circumstances.

Photojournalist Rie (Christine Sonderris) is covering the construction of the Copenhagen Metro. The film opens with her descent by industrial elevator down into the underground site, where she begins to interview the workers. Most seem uninterested in her project, though Ivo (Kresimir Mikic) and his assistant Bharan (Samson Semere) at least provide candid responses to her otherwise bland line of questioning - “What do you like best about your job

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