Michael Chiklis to Star on Paramount Network Series Coyote

Joseph Baxter May 1, 2019

Paramount Network eyes a Breaking Bad dynamic for border crime series Coyote, which will star Michael Chiklis.

Michael Chiklis, a name widely associated with acclaimed crime shows, is set to star in Coyote, an intriguing TV project brandishing a premise pertinent to today’s news headlines, for the burgeoning cable channel, Paramount Network.

Coyote will see Chiklis – in a way akin to his legendary run as tortured bent cop, Vic Mackey on The Shield – headline in a dark character study, as Variety reports. Here, he will play United States Border Agent Ben Clemens, who on the day of his mandatory retirement, discovers a tunnel used for black market smuggling into the United States from Mexico. After choosing to take advantage of this Narnia-like portal for illicit activity, Clemens finds himself targeted by an old enemy made on the job, a criminal mastermind he’s spent his career chasing.

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