Laurie Arent Joins Kelly Ripa’s Hamptons Project As Writer & Executive Producer

Laurie Arent (NCIS: New Orleans) has signed on as writer and executive producer on Kelly Ripa’s Freeform project based on Jasmin Rosemberg’s book How The Other Half Hamptons, from Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment and Ripa and Mark ConsuelosMilojo Productions.

The project, which is currently in development, explores the Hamptons sharehouse, an annual ritual with a camp-like culture that scores of Manhattan twentysomethings take part in every summer.

Best friends Rachel (the good girl), Jamie (the wild one), and Allison (the suddenly single serial monogamist) are about to find out How The Other Half Hamptons. For 16 weekends, they’ll inhabit a 10-bedroom house with 40 strangers and juggle endless parties with regrettable hookups while dodging unexpected twists of fate. They’ll encounter shared bathrooms discover what passes for entertainment and face sticky dilemmas (having your ex show up at the same house.

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