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Trailer for the German Film Awards Best Picture Winner 'Gundermann'

"What's the idea?" The German Film Awards were held this weekend, and top prize for Best Picture went to a film titled Gundermann. Never heard of it? This is not uncommon with whatever the "equivalent of the Oscars" film prize is in each country, usually local films that don't play outside of their country, but a few big ones can break through. Gundermann tells the true story of an East German singer & writer named Gerhard Gundermann, played by Alexander Scheer, and his struggles with music, life as a coal miner, and the secret police (Stasi) of the Gdr. It just won Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Lead Actor, Scenery, and Costumes at the Deutscher Filmpreis. This also stars Anna Unterberger, Milan Peschel, and Peter Schneider. If you're curious to see what it's all about, watch below (with translation). Here's ...

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