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Akshay Kumar: The real box office 'khiladi'

The box office is witnessing wonders from fresh talents. But among the 'kings', some factors set Akshay Kumar apart as the real 'khiladi'. What makes Akshay's box office journey different from other Bollywood superstars is his consistency to hit silver screen with several movies a year and draw in the audience. According to Shibasish Sarkar of Reliance Entertainment, which will distribute Akshay's upcoming film "Sooryavanshi", it's the actor's "tremendous discipline, his lifestyle and rigour of keeping churning out three-four films a year" that make him a box office 'khiladi'.

"Of course, he has talent, understanding of the market and everything. But this would not have been possible without the discipline he maintains," Sarkar, Reliance Entertainment's Group CEO, told Ians.

For the production, exhibition and distribution sectors, the 51-year-old's films are a win-win all the way, says film and trade expert Girish Johar.

"The audience is willing to come to watch

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