What Happened to Chelsea on The Young & The Restless

With Chelsea Lawon back on The Young & The Restless, some newer viewers might not be familiar with the character's history, so here's a little refresher! Initially introduced as a scheming con artist when Melissa Claire Egan first joined the soap back in November of 2011, Chelsea eventually softened and enjoyed a relatively normal life (at least by Genoa City standards!). But then she reverted back to her old ways and skipped down in February of 2018! Still, Egan said at the time that this is only “goodbye for now,” and that turned out to be very true as she has come back to Y&r to stir up even more drama! Chelsea showed up in Genoa City to inform Billy Abbott that she was pregnant with his baby after they'd slept together in Myanmar. After a DNA test proved the baby was Billy’s, he and Victoria allowed Chelsea to move in with them.

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