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First Trailer for 'Doubting Thomas' with Will McFadden & Sarah Butler

"Do you know where he came from?" Long Way Home Productions has unveiled an official trailer for an indie drama titled Doubting Thomas, the feature directorial debut of small-time actor Will McFadden (seen in Tiger Orange). McFadden also wrote and stars in this, and co-produced it as well. The concept for this is often used as a joke, but they decided to play it out as if it really happened and make it all intensely dramatic, so much so that it's just annoying. "They were expecting a baby. They never expected this." When a black baby is born to white parents, a family's life is torn apart. The cast includes Sarah Butler, Melora Walters, Jamie Hector, James Morrison, and Zach Cregger. I don't relaly want to be so harsh on this before seeing it, but this trailer makes the film look totally awful. Absolutely no interest in seeing this at all.

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