‘Superstore’: Get a Sneak Peek Into the Writing Process of the Riotous NBC Comedy – Exclusive

NBC’s “Superstore” is offering fans – and Emmy voters – a sneak peek into what it takes to craft a successful sitcom, thanks to a video highlighting the writing process for the delightful comedy set in a Midwestern retail hypermarket

Starring America Ferrera and Ben Feldman, the sitcom created by Justin Spitzer is currently airing its fourth season and has found a nexus for its ensemble comedy in the intersection of capitalism and pressing social issues.

In the IndieWire exclusive video below, executive producer and writer Jonathan Green says, “We don’t set out to say, ‘Let’s tackle this social issue.’ We try to approach things as we can find comedy in them.” But the series, already renewed for a fifth season, manages to find humor in some of the most trying aspects of American life.

This season alone, the show has tackled matters of sexism and sexual harassment, health insurance,

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