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The Twilight Zone Episode 7 Review: Not All Men

The twist on the latest Twilight Zone will remind longtime sci-fi TV fans of Torchwood and Star Trek, but will everyone like it?

This Twilight Zone review contains spoilers.

The Twilight Zone Episode 7

Watching the newest episode of The Twilight Zone— “Not All Men” — it will be impossible for a viewer not to associate the subject matter with the #MeToo movement. The evil that men do, and the evil that lurk in their hearts is something that isn’t just a science fiction premise; it’s a fairly obvious mirror for the real-world, too. That said, there’s something in this outing to the Zone that feels like it needed a smile from Captain Jack from Torchwood or even a touch of Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek.

After mysterious red asteroids shower a small town, a woman named Annie (Taissa Farmiga) starts noticing certain people behaving oddly. For fans of old-school sci-fi,

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