‘Into the Badlands’: Creators Explain Their Plans for ‘Deadwood’-esque Spinoff

‘Into the Badlands’: Creators Explain Their Plans for ‘Deadwood’-esque Spinoff

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for the series finale of “Into the Badlands.”]

Imagine “Deadwood,” but with kung fu. That was the pitch “Into the Badlands” creators Al Gough and Miles Millar made for a potential spinoff for their fan favorite series, which aired its final episode this week.

Gough and Millar learned during production on the first half of Season 3 that this would be the final season of their complex and fascinating post-apocalyptic martial arts drama, which concluded Monday after an epic battle featuring the show’s primary characters. But the creators had plans for a spinoff, which led to the events of the series finale, in which Sunny’s baby Henry survives and the Widow is with child.

“The spinoff would have jumped probably 20 years into the future and it would have been following The Widow and Gaius’s daughter and Henry as young people,” Gough told IndieWire. The project was developed with AMC before ultimately being put aside.

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