After the Endgame: Can Marvel Studios Do It Again?

Tom Jolliffe looks back at the McU’s success to this point, and wonders whether they can repeat the formula again…

So the dust has settled. A whole slow building 11 year phase of Marvel films. Attempting to fathom how many billions the films made would be difficult. Innumerable (almost). Everything has culminated in Avengers: Endgame, which in itself brought to a close a two part story about finger snaps. Further though, it closed the book on several McU characters like Steve Rogers (who has now been replaced as Captain America), Tony Stark and the Black Widow.

My own interest in the McU has flitted in and out. The singular films provided different levels of anticipation for me. I was never going to rush out to see Ant-Man or Captain Marvel. I caught the former on Netflix. Likewise, Spider-Man: Homecoming, given it was the third version of Parker in 10 years. That being said,

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