‘Veep’ Review: The Series Finale Is a Terrific Ending America Better Hope Doesn’t Come True

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “Veep” Season 7, Episode 7, “Veep” — the series finale.]

In the end, President Selina Meyer did the impossible. It wasn’t that the power-hungry politician managed to recapture the White House (for one unsuccessful term), but how she managed to wreak more havoc than Drogon in doing so. In the final season, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ ex-vp showed her true colors, eviscerating everything and everyone around her; just when it felt like even Selina wouldn’t stoop that low, she found a new bottom — again and again again… until Gary.

Poignant yet unflinching, hilarious and heartbreaking, the series finale of “Veep,” written and directed by David Mandel, sees Armando Iannucci’s original intent through to the bitter end: The American political system is a bloody mess made bloodier by the self-serving “public servants” at its center. Years of roasting them over a spit has only appeared to make them stronger, but the intent of such vicious satire is change rather than

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