Film Review: 9 Souls (2003) by Toshiaki Toyoda

“Male bonding starts with pissing together.”

Japanese director Toshiaki Toyoda has remained largely unknown to filmgoers due to the reclusive nature of the man himself as well as the fact that unlike directors such as Takashi Miike, his output has been scarce over the last years. After his arrest and trial on drug-related charges Toyoda was blacklisted for quite some time and was able to release his next picture four years after “Hanging Garden” (2005). Even with being blacklisted, interviews with the filmmaker are quite rare as well as recent releases of his films.

In one of the few interviews the director gave during the Terracotta Far East Film Festival 2012 he talks about the inspiration of what might just be his most popular film, “9 Souls” (2003). The film is based on an escaping case which took place in the USA and the idea of breaking out of prison, any kind of prison

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