‘Vixen’ VOD Review

Stars: Lie-ri Chen, Bryan Larkin, Mr. Waka Waka, Jared Robinsen, Luc Bendazza, Julian Gaertner, David Johnson Wood, Ryan Logan, Jai Day, Max Repossi, Catherine Du, Tian Guo-Xiong, Hai Bing Huang, Ray Li | Written by Bey Logan | Directed by Ross W. Clarkson

You might not recognise the name of director Ross W. Clarkson but its safe to say he has one hell of an action-movie pedigree. Vixen marks his directorial feature debut but Clarkson has had a Lot of experience in genre cinema, working as a cinematographer on films such as Undisputed 2 and 3, as well as the Scott Adkins starrer Ninja and its sequel, and the Van Damme flick Derailed… Like I said, one hell of a pedigree – something that shines through each and every frame of Vixen, from opening to close.

It also helps that the film comes from the pen of Bey Logan, the former editor of the classic action movie magazine Impact,

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