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‘Russian Doll’: Bringing Natasha Lyonne’s Brash, Trash-Talking Anti-Heroine To Netflix

What’s so riveting about Netflix’s “Russian Doll” is the voice at its center. Brainy narcissist trash-talking hard-living game coder Nadia Vulvokov (Natasha Lyonne) seems to be completely out of control throughout the dizzying rush of eight half-hour episodes, which were tailor-made to binge. The series flies at you with such a saturated flurry of images, sex and death shocks and Altman-speed profane dialogue that it feels exploded out of a cannon. Which belies its precise craftsmanship.

The ever-expanding universe of television programming has created huge demand for shows that pop and grab, that aren’t the same as everything else. You haven’t seen “Russian Doll” before, its brazen female anti-hero, its bravura style. “Nadia was this character I’d created long before ‘Russian Doll,'” said Lyonne, who’s been seeped in show business for 35 years with one dramatic break for rehab. “She’s my alter ego Nadia,

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