Film Review: ‘All Creatures Here Below’

Film Review: ‘All Creatures Here Below’

The current controversy over Georgia’s restrictive new abortion laws, and resulting calls to withdraw Hollywood coin from that state, have underlined the political-shuffleboard nature of U.S. location shoots. Coincidentally arriving at the same time is “All Creatures Here Below,” the first feature to take advantage of Kansas City, Mo.’s filmmaker tax incentive, which is unusual in that it’s a strictly municipal rather than statewide ordinance.

That fiscal footnote may wind up being the most memorable thing about this sophomore feature by director Collin Schiffli, whose debut, “Animals,” was also a collaboration with scenarist-star David Dastmalchian. It’s a decently acted and crafted drama that nonetheless seems built on a foundation of phony pathos, revolving around doomed lovers whose fate seems more a matter of contrived miserabilism than authenticity. Goldwyn is opening the indie at 10 theaters across the nation on May 17, simultaneous with VOD launch.

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