Fun New Character Promo Spots For The Boys Series Introduces You To The Heroic Seven

“If superheroes were real, they'd be real assholes.”

Amazon Studios has released a series of character promo spots for the upcoming new series The Boys and they introduce The Seven, who are the superheroes in the series. These heroes are conceited individuals that think they are above the rest of the world. It’s these characters that inspire Karl Urban's character to get "The Boys" together to take them down.

The heroes include Starlight, played by Erin Moriarty (Jessica Jones), Homelander is the leader and is played by Antony Starr (American Gothic), A-Train is played by Jesse T. Usher (Survivor's Remorse), The Deep played by Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), Queen Maeve, portrayed by Dominique McElligot (The Last Tycoon), and Translucent, played by Alex Hassell. The only member that didn’t get his own promo was Black Noir, who is being played by Nathan Mitchel (iZombie).

The show is based

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