Film review: Sudani from Nigeria (2018) by Zakariya Mohammed

A few years back, when I was walking along the Kozikhode beach, a young man approached me. That part of Kerala (a small coastal state in South India) rarely attracts foreign tourists, so he was curious about my homeland. His face lit up when I answered, and he started naming past and present football players from my country, the achievement I myself wouldn’t be able to unlock, not caring much about my national team. The experience was not as surreal as it may seem, because that part of Kerala is one of little regions in India where football craze equals — if not overshadows — cricket craze.

The variation of the game developed there, Football Sevens, isn’t recognized by FIFA or Indian game’s federation, but its tournaments, played by teams of 7 on smaller pitches, provide entertainment in rustic areas and attract ardent followers. It is not uncommon to bring

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