The Blacklist Season 7 Is Happening. NBC Renewed It. Spoilers Coming Soon

Hey, "The Blacklist" fans. We hope you guys enjoyed the conclusion of season 6 tonight. For those of you who did, we've got some excellent news for you. We can officially let you guys know that The Blacklist will indeed be back for a brand new season 7 this Fall 2019! NBC did officially renew it! Actually, we never really had any doubts that NBC would renew it. The Live viewership and ratings for this show look fairly decent. We'll get more into that a little bit later. The season 7 renewal means you guys can look forward to seeing more spoilers, cast interviews, preview clips, preview photos and all of that good stuff in the upcoming weeks and months. It's currently not yet known when season 7 will officially debut, but we're guessing it will probably be in late September 2019 because that's usually when the new fall line-up starts premiering new seasons. The season

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