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Interview with Actress Yao Chan, Director Lü Yue and Producer Jessica Chen: “Whoever does this job must never sit down and fall in love with himself”

Actress Yao Chen began her career in 2005 on the small screen with TV series “My Own Swordsman”. Two years later, she was the protagonist of another very popular series, “Lurk”, where she played a guerrilla. And the rest is, as they say, history, after she burst onto cinema screens in “Sophie’s Revenge” (2009), “Color Me Love” (2010), “Caught in the Web” (2012), “Firestorm” (2013) and “Monster Hunt” (2015). Listed by Time Magazine and Forbes as one of the 100 most influential people on the planet and compared by journalists to Angelina Jolie both for her beauty and for her tireless commitment to social activism, she is a human right activist and a social media influencer with 80 million dedicated followers on the web. She was awarded the Golden Mulberry Award for Outstanding Achievement at the 21st edition of the Far East Film Festival.

Director Yue Lü was born in 1957 in China, and is known for “Thirteen Princess Trees” (2006) and “Mr.

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