Cannes 2019 Review: The Dead Don't Die Is A Nice Place To Live

I’m not sure what possessed Jim Jarmusch to make a zombie film, but I, for one, am so damn glad he did! And, to be clear, this is coming from someone who swore off the subgenre eons ago. Sure, there have been some worthy contributions from folks like Danny Boyle, but I can safely say I haven’t really loved a zombie film since the original Romero trilogy, or its early Italian imitators to a lesser extent. Now to my great delight, in an era where The Walking Dead seemed to assure the irresurectability of the zombie appeal, Jarmusch has somehow restored originality, social satire, and most excitingly, existentialism back into what’s become deeply tired territory. In short, he’s managed to breathe both life and death...

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