Sailor Moon Season 5 Villains Cast Announced

Michael S. Mammano May 21, 2019

The villains of Sailor Moon season 5 have been cast!

When we covered Viz Media’s announcement of the new voice talent joining the Sailor Moon family, we couldn’t help but note a few absences. While we got the casting info for the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Galaxia, and Chibi-Chibi, there was nothing on Galaxia’s henchwomen, the Sailor Animamates.

Well, ask and you shall receive!

It’s been just barely a week, and we now know who will portray these animal/metal-themed villains of Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars.

First up is Katie Leigh as Sailor Iron Mouse, the first agent of Shadow Galactica to face off with the Sailor Guardians, whose childlike cuteness betrays a nasty mean streak. Leigh hasa few anime credits to her name, but her voice-over career goes waaay back, and English-speaking audiences would probably know her best as Alex from Totally Spies,

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