Nick Castle Would Love To Play Michael Myers In Another Halloween Movie

After years of being away from cinemas, the Halloween franchise returned and absolutely conquered with its latest installment in 2018. Having firmly established itself as the highest grossing slasher flick of all-time, one would think a sequel won’t be far behind. Still, it appears as though Blumhouse may have to jump through some hoops before that can happen.

Not intending on being a downer, we’ll save any discussion of legality for another day. Instead, let’s keep dreaming about what may be on the horizon, because we all know that Michael Myers will eventually give residents of Haddonfield yet another reason to keep their doors locked.

More often than not, the Shape has been recast with each successive picture, but there are the privileged few who’ve been able to reprise the role. One prime example is that of Nick Castle, who donned the mask for the 1978 original and

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