La Screenings 2019: International Buyers Navigate Flexible Orders & Studio Streamers As They Search For The Next Global Hit

Flexible episode orders, the spectre of studios’ own streaming services, the opportunity to party with 50 Cent and an In N Out Burger-fueled riot dominated the chatter among international buyers at this week’s La Screenings. While buying traditional network series may have become slightly more complicated for the global market, and the weeklong sales pitch is no longer quite as opulent as it used to be, there was plenty of interest in the latest slate of dramas and comedies.

Series such as the CBS Studios International-distributed Evil, Warner BrosProdigal Son and Batwoman and Disney’s Emergence were name-checked by foreign buyers as some of the most interesting titles for international.

It was a transitional year for some, particularly Disney and Fox following the merger. Buyers would previously have spent two separate days viewing shows from these studios, but are now treated to one slate from Walt Disney Global

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