Stan Lee Was De-Aged 45 Years For His Avengers: Endgame Cameo

While Marvel Studios have produced countless films that have entranced global audiences, there’s a compelling argument that as fun as these movie are, they’re not exactly pushing the envelope technically. But one aspect of the McU that’s often overlooked is how the studio is continually breaking new ground with CGI de-ageing of its actors. The most prominent and successful example is Samuel L. Jackson in the 1990s-set Captain Marvel, but Avengers: Endgame saw a de-aged Michael Douglas and John Slattery (and an aged Chris Evans) and no one batted an eyelid.

But there was one other actor who was de-aged much more dramatically: Stan Lee. In his painfully brief Endgame cameo, we saw a younger Stan driving past a military base preaching peace and love. It came on the heels of his Captain Marvel cameo, in which he was de-aged to his early 80s.

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