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Police Story & Police Story 2

All the world loves Jackie Chan, whose cinematic action pictures bridge the gap between silent-era virtuosity and slick modernity. As light comedy entertainment these first two Police Story smash ‘n’ bash epics of eye-popping jeopardy are suitable as ‘family entertainment’ as well. Jackie is a marvelous hero, while Maggie Cheung is an old fashioned girl who doesn’t mind being threatened, kidnapped and occasionally having her scalp split open. You will believe that men can tumble from high roosts onto concrete, and smash through acres of glass countertops without receiving a scratch necessarily going straight to emergency surgery. Criterion has created beautiful new masters, with original soundtracks and extras to make every foolish Jackie Chan fan try some ridiculously dangerous stunt for themselves!

Police Story / Police Story 2


The Criterion Collection 971, 972

1985 & 1988 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 100 and 122 min. / Ging chat goo si / Ging chaat goo si juk jaap /available through The Criterion

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