Review Round-Up: “Aladdin” Sings, “Brightburn” Presents The Dark Side Of The Superman Story, And “The Proposal” Is Absorbing

The round-up returns! For this week’s review round-up, we have a pair of high profile new releases to discuss, along with a strong independent documentary. They couldn’t be more different too, except for the simple fact that they’re all opening on the same day here on this Memorial Day weekend. One is the newest live action remake of a classic Disney animated film in Aladdin, while the other big one is a James Gunn produced high concept horror offering in Brightburn. These movies may be looking at wide releases and different audience members, but the questions is, are they worth seeing? In short, yes. Then, there’s the indie doc The Proposal, which is the best of the bunch. You’ll be able to find out more below, so why don’t we get right down to it? Sound good? Thought so. Now, on with it… Here

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