It Came From The Tube: The Brotherhood Of The Bell (1970)

Paranoia is a hell of a drug; feeding on your insecurities until you crumble in a mess of shattered nerves and broken reality. Such is the case with The Brotherhood of the Bell (1970), a tautly wound conspiracy thriller that plays like a top-tier satanic cult TV movie.

Originally broadcast as part of The CBS Thursday Night Movies, Bell was beat by NBC’s Ironside/The Dean Martin Show line-up, but for fans of first rate suspense, the Eye saw all that night.

Let’s open up our ear-marked TV Guide to see what secrets lurk therein:

The Brotherhood Of The Bell

The secret society that a college professor belongs to will stop at nothing to silence him before he tells the world the truth about their insidious dealings. Glenn Ford, Dean Jagger star.

The telefilm opens with Professor Andy Patterson (Ford – Happy Birthday to Me) arriving at a secluded estate,

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