Home Entertainment: ‘Killer Party’ DVD Review

Casper (Sam Strike) and his friends Iris (Virginia Gardner) and Dodge (Brandon Michael Hall) spend their days trying to earn a living through stealing. Iris and Dodge need money as they have a baby on the way, whereas Casper needs his cash to bail out his gambling addicted father. After Casper’s father ends-up owing the wrong people a ton of money, the trio decide to rip-off the super-rich Dawson family for whom Iris works their private functions. What should be a standard job soon turns south though as the guests at the Dawson’s party all share the same deadly secret; they are all reformed murderers. With their deception uncovered, the trio are thrust into a dangerous game of kill or be killed. Can any of them make it to morning?

Altitude Film Entertainment

On paper, Killer Party (formerly Monster Party) sounds very much like both The Collector and Don’t Breathe.

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