Film Review: Steel Angie (2019) by Toshinari Yonishi

Having watched his previous film, “Sapphire”, I had high hopes for “Steel Angie”, since the director showed a knack for the extreme action with female protagonist category. Let us see if my expectations were met.

“Steel Angie” screened at Japan Film Fest Hamburg

The story is somewhat messy. It revolves around Angelica, codenamed Margarita, a Russian Interpol agent, who is tasked with infiltrating the Russian mafia to take back a secret serum called Rc, which gives super powers and has been stolen from her government. However, she is captured and injected with the Rc, but because her body does not have the necessary antibodies, she must be injected with another type of Rc or she dies. The plot also involves a Yakuza organization named San Mon Kai, who has been hired by a military company called West Night, Angelica’s step father Inaba, a master swordsman, her childhood friend Alex

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