Eric Lange on Using ‘Austin Powers Teeth’ to Perfect ‘Escape at Dannemora’ Performance

For his role as the real-life Lyle Mitchell, husband to the woman who helped two Clinton Correctional Facility, N.Y., inmates escape in Showtime’s limited series “Escape at Dannemora,” Eric Lange gained 40 pounds and wore a wig and a set of fake teeth. The physical transformation helped him get inside the mind of the man who “could smell smoke, but hoped there wasn’t a fire,” Lange says, regarding the fractures in his marriage. In the fourth episode, Lyle goes from trying to rekindle a spark with his wife to seeing his suspicions about her grow, culminating in a drunken confrontation.

Lange: “It’s not often that you get to be so different from who you are. Many times you’re hired to be a version of yourself: ‘Put on a suit, and now you’re a lawyer!’ But this felt more like theater, and it was a rare opportunity,

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