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Nesamani forever: 12 films that are still remembered only for Vadivelu's comedy

KollywoodMany a time, forgettable films still remain in people's memory solely for Vadivelu's evergreen comedy.Megha KaveriPadithurai Pandi, Kirikaalan, Naai Sekar, Snake Babu. Behind these quirky names is one man, Vadivelu, who had taken Kollywood by storm when he was active. Though it has been a few years since he was seen in a memorable role in movies, his comedy tracks and one-liners continue to live on, years after the audience first watched the films on screen. The reason why Vadivelu is trending now is the hashtag #Pray_for_Neasamani which has been one of the top global trends since Wednesday night. The source for this strange hashtag was a Facebook post by a Civil Engineers page which had posted a picture of a hammer and asked the users what it was called in their regions. The reply to that post by a Vadivelu fan and the reaction to

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