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11 Movies That Might Have Been Directed by Someone Else

Simon Brew May 30, 2019

Is the named director of a film the one who's actually been calling the shots? Here are 11 where a 'ghost director' may have been involved.

It's not that uncommon for a director to take their name off a film, and to leave the moniker Alan Smithee or whatever the current equivalent is behind. However, what's considerably rarer is when a film is released under the name of one director, but it's later revealed or rumored that, actually, other hands were at work, either for a solid chunk or even the entirety of a production. That a film was, for want of a better phrase, "ghost directed."

Granted, some of these stories that we're about to tell have little chance of ever being fully confirmed, but here are some examples of where the helmer of a film has been called into question. They range from instances of the

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